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 I Shot Andy Warhol (1996) is based on the true story of 60's radical Valerie Solana, who wrote the SCUM Manefesto arguing that men were no longer necessary (SCUM = Society for Cutting Up Men). Valerie wrote a play called "Up Your Ass" and wanted Warhol to produce it. When he ignored her, she shot him.


none, but Catherine Zeta-Jones was seen from the rear in a leotard that didn't cover her entire behind.

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I am at odds with the reviewers on this one. They praise the production design, acting by Lili Taylor as Valerie and Jared Harris as Warhol, and the insightful look into two unusual characters. I saw it as a crazy bull dyke manufacturing a reason to kill a weird and immature but popular Warhol. At the same time, I found it very pretentious. Lili does show her breasts, as do Martha Plimpton in a very dark scene, and Anna Thomson in a picture within a picture. 

If this sounds like fun to you, go for it.  

Scoop's note: One reviewer was far from the positive consensus. Tom Keough wrote on amazon.com, "a highly suspect mishmash of golly-gee counterculture reconstruction and inflammatory agitprop"

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Based on this description, this film is a C. The genre is arthouse 60's strange.

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