I Was a Teenage Strangler


by Tuna

One brother invites all his high school classmates to a party, and the other strangles them one at a time. I am getting ahead of myself. First, Michi Malangus, as a girl scout, is raped, then returned to her lesbian lover (Chelsea Mundae), who gives her an abortion with a coat hanger, and eats the material she retrieves (actually gummi worms). And yes, the coat hanger is actually inserted in her vagina on camera. This is after Mundae hypnotizes some guy and makes him eat her shit.

That's pretty much it, except for the strangling.

William Hellfire wanted to play a joke on the fetish crowd that was interested in his strangling films, and made this to get even with them. Yes, it is disgusting. No, I see no earthly reason to watch it unless you are extremely curious about the screen debut of Chelsea Mundae's more famous younger sister, Misty, whose tiny role has been retroactively promoted to prominence in the DVD re-release, which Seduction Cinema is releasing uncut on its Factory 2000 label.


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I suppose some people collect exercises in bad taste. If so, this is your sort of material.


Michi Malangus, Chelsea Mundae, and two unknowns show body parts.



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