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Justine: In the Heat of Passion (1996) is the first of 7 episodes of the Adventures of Justine, which are a soft-core that borrowed a little bit from the Indiana Jones trilogy. 
Justine is an Archeology student in a small college, and has fantasies about adventures with her handsome favorite professor. In this first volume, they travel to Egypt to see the lost temple of Isis, she is kidnapped in a Chinese antique shop, and they travel to Alaska in search of a magic Eskimo whale's tooth. They find reasons to have nudity on screen through most of the running time, but since the credits on each DVD are for the entire series, I was only able to ID two of the women in this first episode, Daneen Boone as Justine, and Odette Miro as a villain (every episode so far has included an evil woman). 


a softcore sex film, see the main comments
 The simulated sex scenes are way too long, use lengthy dissolves, and rotate the camera around the couple, all of which distracts from the story and the sex. On the other hand, the women are attractive, and the nudity well-lit. The set decoration is also colorful, although obviously shot in a studio with caned second unit shots for fill. 

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The series was a co-operative effort by the Irish, Dutch and French. I have to assume that they had some sort of release in Europe, although I can find nothing about that on line. Roger Corman acquired the US rights, and chose to release them as a boxed set. The stories are lame, the plots are weak, the acting is not that good, and the sex is tepid, but the nudity is good.  I hope the series gets better. 

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Based on this description, this is a C as a softcore.

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