aka: Bulletproof Heart

by Tuna

Killer (1994), aka Bulletproof Heart, stars Anthony LaPaglia as a burned-out hit man who is nearly forced to do his second hit of the day against his wishes. Seems his usual boss had a thing with a woman who is into him for $650K, and he likes her too much to kill her himself.

Now for the real kicker -- she wants to be whacked.  In fact, she has threatened to go to the DA with damaging evidence against the crime boss if he doesn't have her hit. 

Throw in Peter Boyle as LaPaglia's inept wannabe partner, and the set-up is complete.

The victim ends up being Mimi Rogers who, in exchange for his promise to make her death painless, gives him the screwing of his life. It isn't just sex, as she ties him to the bed, slaps him around, scratches his chest, etc, until he is hard as a rock. This is not something he is used to, and he is grateful. He then discovers that she does indeed want to be killed. The whole concept of a willing victim, especially one he is falling for, is too much for LaPaglia.

The look of the film is dark, which matches the overall tone well, but makes it a little hard to see. Nonetheless, I must admit that it held my attention to the end, despite being very talky with nearly no action.


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Killer DVD Bulletproof Heart Mimi Rogers (1994)


2.5 James Berardinelli (of 4 stars)
3 Roger Ebert (of 4 stars)
71 Rotten Tomatoes  (% positive)


6.1 IMDB summary (of 10)


Box Office Mojo. It was shown in only nine theaters in the entire USA, grossing $297,000.


  • Topless nudity from Mimi Rogers