Killing Spree


by Tuna

(minor spoilers)

Killing Spree is nearly a home-made horror film done on 16 mm for about $75K. A young married discovers his wife's little black notebook, where she details having affairs with various delivery and repair men. Her husband feels honor bound to dispatch each of her supposed lovers in as appropriate and gruesome a manner as possible. Deaths range from a fairly tame screwdriver through the head to a far more elaborate ritual involving  knives at the end of ceiling fan blades. The grass cutter is decapitated with his own mower, and we have creative new uses for chain saws, hammers, and much more.

We suspect, of course, that his wife is innocent, as are all of his victims. I did not suspect that the victims would eventually have their revenge.

Asbestos Felt gives an appropriately over-the-top performance in the lead role, which was specifically written with him in mind.

This marked the debut of the great Joel Harlow doing makeup effects. He has since won numerous awards, and has worked on films you might recognize, such as the three Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Our Grade:

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... but for a limited audience. You know who you are -- fans of splatter effects from the 80s.


  • None.


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4.8 IMDB summary (of 10)
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* The DVD includes a lengthy making of featurette, two commentaries, and more.

* Transfer quality is about what you would expect from a 20-year-old 16 mm film.