Lake Placid 2


by Tuna

Lake Placid 2 was made for The Sci-Fi channel, and is a "nature run amok" monster film. Giant crocs are eating anyone who shows their tits, anyone obnoxious, anybody in the water, and anybody who gets near them and isn't a love interest in the two romantic sub-plots.

Not a bad bit of script writing, that. There are many fewer plot points to resolve when most of the characters have been eaten. The obnoxious people are clearly expendable, and the writers might as well make quick work of the tit-exposers, since they couldn't act anyway, and had already served their purpose.  The body count includes EPA scientists, tit-exposers, big-game hunters, obnoxious teenagers, and Cloris Leachman, who deserved it not only for raising the crocs in the first place, but also for starring in "Phyllis." The four left standing at the end are the sheriff, his girlfriend, the local fish and game agent, his teenage son, and the girl that his son is sweet on.

The film doesn't look bad at all. It is entirely possible, perhaps even likely, that it was meant as a slick comedic spoof of bad movies. Unfortunately it employed a cast with no comedic ability, making it just a bad movie.



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  • Yana Marinova, Jasmina Toshkova and V.J. Kewl showed breasts.


There are no major reviews online, but several internet genre sites are linked from IMDb.



Made for cable.



3.1 IMDB summary (of 10)




While the movie is not especially good, the DVD is full of special features, including the non-nude scenes shot for Spanish release, a commentary, and a choice of English or Spanish with optional English subtitles.