The Landlady (1998) from Tuna

The Landlady (1998) is, as near as I can tell, a Canadian direct to vid. It doesn't fit neatly into horror or slasher. Crime thriller might be closer.
Talia Shire sees her husband having sex with Laura Pursell through a window, and does him in, then moves to LA to run an apartment house she just inherited. One of the tenants is exactly to her liking, and she decides he is going to marry her and make her happy. He is not in on these plans, however. To protect her turf, she kills the former business manager, and moves him into the large apartment next to hers, after installing a two way mirror, and a surveillance camera. She kills anyone she perceives as a threat to her "relationship," including tenant and hooker Susie Singer. 


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 The transfer is weak, and the plot did not engage me at all, especially as every murder was telegraphed. The acting was sometimes competent, however. Pursell and Singer both show breasts. 

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Scoop's comment:

What the hell happened to Talia Shire's career that she would be in something like this? Sad times, indeed.

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