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Leprechaun 3 (1995) is labeled Horror at IMDB, and is rated 4.0/10. Were it really a horror film, I would agree with the 4.0, but they finally realized that the Leprechaun story was a much better comedy spoof than a horror  film, and went for the comedy on purpose. It is still rather uneven, but  is, in my opinion, far better than the first two in the series. Michael Callan is on his way to start college in LA, and decides to see Vegas on the way. He meets Lee Armstrong, who is having car trouble, drives her to her job as a magician's assistant at a casino, and talks her into getting  him in to see it, despite his age.
He loses his entire school fund at the tables, goes to a pawn shop to turn his watch into another wagering stake, and ends up with a leprechaun's gold coin. He wishes to be back at the tables on a winning streak, and voila. For the rest of the film, the Leprechaun is trying to get his gold back, as it goes from hand to hand through a comedy of errors. 


Heidi Staley has a lengthy and well lit nude scene, first on TV,  then crawling out the screen and seducing the sleazy casino owner. She shows breasts, and buns in a thong.  

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bare bones

This is not a great film, but some of the jokes worked, the gore was way over the top, and the make-up was impressive. Don't plan to write your masters thesis about this film, but it could be a good mindless break from  writing your thesis.  

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Based on this description, this film is a C, but for comedy/horror.

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