The Life of Python (2000) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

A new two-disk set dedicated to Monty Python maniacs everywhere.
There are interviews with the boys today, reminiscing about their favorite moments, what they thought was cool, whether they'll reunite, etc. (Tons of footage from the shows as flashbacks.)

There is a tribute to Python from Trey and Matt, using the South Park characters. (Kenny plays the part of the Dead Polly).

There's a special made for Germany, never released in the USA before.


Well, if you're curious, there's the buns of Cleese. Chapman, and Gilliam.

In the female arena, there's the topless tobacconist.

There's an old BBC Mayday special, thought lost for many decades, featuring traditional Mayday customs throughout Britain, like nun-boiling and the somber yet joyful Stockbroker's Reel.

There's a tribute to Python's music, hosted by Meatloaf.

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Described throughout the article.

There's a Michael Palin travel show, in which he visits all the houses and streets where they actually filmed the old skits.

There are some silly new sketches perfromed by the Pythons, including a biography of Monty Python himself, the guy they shamelessly ripped off.

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