Los Lobos de Washington (1999) from Tuna

Los Lobos de Washington (1999) is a made for TV Spanish thriller. Although the cast included real talent, the plot and budget gave them little or nothing to work with. The title, Washington Wolves, refers to a circus that keeps intersecting with the plot, but really has nothing to do with it. Alberto (Javier Bardem) and Miguel (Alberto San Juan) own a bar, but not a very successful one. They both need money. Alberto is divorced and alcoholic, and Miguel is planning on skipping town with Alberto's ex wife and son. They decide to scam their old rich friend Claudio (Josť Sancho). Claudio's wife, Vincenta N'Dongo, is also planning on stealing the money.


N'Dongo showed bush and buns in a well-lit scene, but didn't even come close to breast exposure.
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For me, the plot rambled aimlessly about, there were no characters to root for or against, and there was no real suspense. The entire film takes place in one night, and is dark beginning to end.  

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  • Eduard Fernandez was nominated for the Goya for Best New Actor

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