The Long Weekend


by Tuna

The Long Weekend is a Canadian comedy, conceived as a way to make use of the kind of Funniest Home Video clips that are too extreme for broadcast TV.

The story concerns two brothers. The older one (American Pie's Oz, Chris Klein) is a womanizer and wannabe actor. The younger one grew up addicted to making videos, and became a huge success in an advertising agency. Then he caught his girlfriend blowing his best friend, and worst of all, taping it. He gave up videotaping, and devoted all of his energies to missing her. His job performance dropped to the point that he was about to be fired, and he had exactly one weekend to salvage an account that had threatened to leave, but his big bro had other ideas. He decided to get him laid for his birthday.

The brothers meet plenty of attractive women that weekend, and big bro gets lucky more than once, but our hero can't even get laid in a whorehouse. With the weekend running out, and no idea for the ad campaign to save his job, things look bleak. Can he pull it off?

The video clips are sandwiched into the film wherever they sort of fit, and consist mostly of animals, fornication, masturbation, and men getting hit in the nuts.



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I didn't enjoy the lowbrow humor, but IMDb readers say 4.9, with a 3.9 from the top voters, with the most typical score from the top voters being four, so the proper grade on our scale is probably C-, although you could make a reasonable argument for a lower grade and get no argument from me.


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23 (of 100)


4.9 IMDB summary (of 10)


Box Office Mojo. Believe it or not, this is not a straight-to-vid. It was released in three theaters in LA in the summer of 2006. It grossed $1,286 - about five people per screening. Not only did it fail to run the normal contractual two weeks, but it didn't even finish off the first week, having been pulled immediately after that dismal weekend.



  • Catherine Devine shows breasts taping sex with our hero's college roommate. Jennifer Walther and Holly Eglington, as strippers, show breasts. Unknown topless waitresses show breasts and buns.