Love in Sampan (1992) from Tuna

Love In Sampan, or Shan ban '92 is a Hong Kong pulp cinema offering that, if nothing else, points out that it sucks to be born a poor woman in a small Chinese town. Chan Sai Kiu (Asuka Tamami) is still single, a virgin, and working for her parents. Her best friend, Tai Kim (Mitsutomo Saiko) has lost a husband, but takes on a new boyfriend who cons her out of her inheritance and moves on. After a little lesbo loving with Kiu, she becomes a hooker.

Kiu herself finally falls in love with a new employee in her fathers store, but her father is getting too old to earn money, so the family marries Kiu to a rich thug against her will. On her wedding night, she sleeps with the employee she loves before her husband comes to her, and that situation doesn't amuse the ill-tempered husband. He disgraces her in front of the village, and her father is in the process of beating her to death, when her lover steps forward. They beat him, and drown him, but she gets to live. Her lover may have gotten the better deal. Her husband spends half his time with a Hong Kong hooker, and the other half abusing Kiu.

Man, a young University friend of the husband, comes to town to write a thesis, and Kiu is told to show him around, because hubby must go off to Hong Kong. Man and Kiu find each other irresistible. I haven't seen enough of these Hong Kong films yet to know if the ending is typical or not.

Given the ratio of nudity to plot, this is the Hong Kong equivalent of our soft core porn videos. On the plus side, I found it far more interesting than our soft-core offerings because of the exotic locales, the huge cultural differences, and the prolific nudity. On the negative side, the widescreen transfer is letterboxed and the quality leaves much to be desired.



  • No special features
  • Widescreen, but letterboxed, and not a very good transfer
  • The burnt-in subtitles are white, often over white backgrounds, hence hard to read.



Both Asuka Tamami and Mitsutomo Saiko show full frontal and rear nudity in both hetero and lesbian sex scenes, some of them in a shower, some others in a bondage and whipping content.

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Based on this description, this film is a C-. A subtitled soft-core with a decent plot, and two actresses fully nude - would be a C or even a C+ if there were a good transfer with proper subtitles.

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