Love Sick

 (aka The Chambermaid, 2004)

by Vejiita

Total spoilers


Fiona Horsey plays Julia, a hotel maid who gets fired after being accused of stealing some money from one of the guests. She didn't do it. She was only giving the guest a hand-job for money, but the guest's wife found them together, so he made up a self-serving cover story.

One night she finds her ex-boss, Michael, drunk and takes him home. Michael is a weird guy who is dominated by his mother, so Julia decides to take advantage of him and lies naked by his side. When he wakes up he thinks he and Julia had something and she confirms that, so she gets her job back. After this Michael wants more of Julia, since he can't remember the first time. She finds an excuse every time, until she tells him she is pregnant.

Julia has a real boyfriend, of course, and he's an ass but she likes him. So Michael takes care of her while her real boyfriend "takes care" of her, until Michael finds out. Then he starts drugging Julia and raping her while she's passed out, while he keeps playing nice guy. Julia finally finds out, because Michael is dumb enough to tape himself. She then brings her boyfriend to live with them, with the only purpose of driving Michael mad, and it works. He goes crazy, takes care of the boyfriend, kills a bunch of people and keeps Julia in the basement tied up like a dog.

Julia somehow gets her hands on the drugs and does the "switch" He ends up doing it with a very aware Julia who injects the real drug into him and sets him on fire.

The End.

Fiona has something. She is always sexy in the roles she plays. Too bad she is not doing more movies

... or better ones.


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4.9 IMDB summary (of 10)




  • Fiona Horsey: the full monty, including some spread shots (although not gyno-cam.)

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Offbeat erotic thriller with a creepy horror subtext.