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The Mad Butcher (1971) is an Italian dark comedy that was picked up by Harry Novak for US distribution and originally titled Meat is Meat. Victor Buono starred  in the title role, and made the film. 
As the film opens, he is released from a mental hospital with a certificate proclaiming his sanity, and returns to his beloved butcher shop ("I am the best butcher in Vienna") and his not so beloved wife. It isn't long before he figures out a way to get the wife to stop nagging, and to get a cheap source of meat for his Vienna Sausages. His brother-in-law, and the hooker he brings home are also in the way, and as easily disposed of. (We see the hooker topless). 


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 His neighbor, played by Karen Field, is fond of undressing in front of a window with no shades. A reporter starts dating her, she is kicked out of the house she is a servant in, and the butcher invites her in. He, of course, tries to get amorous, and we see her breasts several times, and her buns.

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The film is reminiscent of films like Eating Raoul, and is as good. The DVD transfer from Something Weird is another triumph by them, and there are loads of special features and Easter Eggs. C+ 

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