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Le Magnifique (1973) is a French "James Bond" spy film starring Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jacqueline Bisset. The first 40 minutes were outstanding, with Belmondo so skillful that he shoots 8 people out of a palm tree with one shot, shoots 30 or 40 bad guys with a semi-automatic, spots assassins in costume from miles away,  and many other amazing things as well. For instance, someone throws a grenade at him at the airport. He picks up a tennis racket from a luggage cart, and slams it back at the attacker. The attacker uses a nine iron to fire it back, and Belmondo returns volley for game, set and match. His partner, Tatiana, played by Bisset, is his equal, and there is obviously passion between them.


None. La Bisset showed lots of cleavage, but had everything covered in the only "nude" scene.

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It is at this point that we learn Belmondo is really a pulp novel author, and we have been living his latest book. In real life, Bisset is his neighbor, Christine, whom he often watches through his window. As the two become acquainted, Belmondo's story reflects the state of their relationship. While the film continues to switch between real life and fantasy, the fantasy portions don't live up to the first act of the film.

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Based on this description, I give the first third of the film a B, and the last 2/3 a C, for an overall grade of C+. Even if you don't like comedy, spy parodies, or French language films, you may want to risk a rental on this one.

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