Mari-Cookie and the Killer Tarantula in Eight Legs to Love You (1998) from Tuna

Mari-Cookie takes place in Malaga, Spain, although we must go back 200 years for the start of the story. A pregnant woman is brutally raped by a soldier, and, while she is lying there, exhausted and still spread-legged, a tarantula finds a great warm, moist place to lay eggs. Cut to present day, and someone is abducting young men and women. A female cop (Michelle Bauer), who interrogates witnesses with advanced lesbotronic techniques, suspects "The Tarantula," although she doesn't know who that is. Society woman Linnea Quigley is no help, nor is Mari-Cookie, played by Lena Romay. We know that Lena is also a club owner and also performs as "Tarantula." (This is a farce, and was clearly intended to be so.) Eventually, with an assist from Quigley's horny daughter (Amber Newman), they all discover the truth.

Lena Romay, the director's girlfriend and then at least 44 years old and out of shape, plays a dual role and gets the lion's share of the screen time as well as the nudity. Mavi Tiendo serves as a victim. Analia Ivars dances in another club and her character shares the cop's sexual tendencies. Many of you have already already guessed that we are in Jess Franco territory. Many people claim to love making movies. With Jess, it is literally his life. The thing is, it is only important to Jess that he is making a movie. He is not concerned about public acceptance, and only moderately concerned about whether or not it is any good, although he is capable of excellent achievements and has pioneered some effects. 

IMDb readers say 3.4. I would imagine they found it stupid and pointless with a throw-away plot and bad dubbing. True enough, but if they are going to let little things like that bother them, they have no business watching a Jess Franco film! Although this film is not one of those his excellent achievements I mentioned, Franco still manages to create some entertainment. He gets a lot of women undressed and he and his band even provide the sound track. If you are looking for plot, pace, symbolism and the like, look elsewhere. If you want to laugh a lot at mature naked women in ridiculous situations, give this one a try.



  • Full-screen transfer
  • Behind-the-scenes footage with optional nude commentary by Linnea Quigley
  • photo gallery
  • Les Psycholettes film short


  • Lena Romay - everything including gyno-cam

  • Analia Ivars - everything including legs partly open

  • Michelle Bauer - breasts

  • Amber Newman - breasts, bum

  • Mavi Tienda - everything

  • Linnea Quigley - nothing in the film, but she got naked for a DVD commentary!

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Based on this description, this film is a C, if what you seek is a nudie comedy with semi-famous women, this meets your needs.

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