El Callejón de los Milagros (1995) from Tuna

This film, aka Midaq Alley, is the most decorated film in the history of Mexico, having won 49 International awards. . For the "I hate subtitles, give me action anytime, where is the skin" readers, there is even brief breast exposure from gorgeous Salma Hayek.
For the rest, this is a wonderful film about life in Mexico City. It centers on the story of three people, each told separately and sequentially, who all live and interact in Callejón de los Milagros.


Salma Hayek's bare breast is seen briefly, but close up in good light.
We have a bar owner with a wife he has grown tired of and abuses, a son he doesn't approve of, and two daughters he never sees. He has suddenly started an affair with a young man in a nearby shop. The second character is an old maid in search of a man. The third is a young virgin (Salma Hayek) who feels abandoned when her true love leaves for the USA to make enough money to marry her. She ends up a call girl, and addicted to drugs.

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  • Full-screen only, but looks good
This film is not as dark as the above makes it sound. There is much humor along the way, and wonderful characters shown in the act of being human. The cinemaphotography is superb, where every single frame is suitable for hanging on your wall.

There is a dearth of English language reviews for this film. The DVD transfer is very good. If this is your sort of genre, see this film.

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