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Doing the monthly Heffer or Housepet thing has turned into a pretty good career move, particularly if a gal is content with a certain kind of movie. Example? Midnight Tease 2, a stripper-murder mystery!

Joe Bob Briggs has a spot-on 200-word review of this flick: you know who is a-gonna die and you know who is a-doin' it. As JB points out, in centerfold-murder movies, a guy is the killer, whereas in stripper-murder movies, it is always a woman doing the killing, so all there is left to figure out is how many babes can get nekkid, how often and for how long.

In that context, MT2 is a near-perfect example of its genre: from the second to the 10th minute of this masterpiece, six babes show boobs and bum in eight scenes. Then you get this lull in the action for thirty minutes in which three babes give up the goodies, and then you're right back in the action with eight more nekkid scenes over the next twenty minutes. And most of the babes are first rate. PLUS, this is a double-Pet movie


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  • Guccione-monthly-model (Feb '93) turned B movie regular, Julie K Smith, does the nekkid thing in five scenes
  • Pet o' of the month for May '92 does seven such scenes. The latter would be the star of this-here movie, Kimberly Kelley, who posed for Penthouse under the name of Jasmine (many thanks to Graphic Response for pointing out this fact in a post of his, sent in long ago). This was Kimberly's first movie; she did three or four others, gave up the goodies in them all and then moved on to...well, heaven only knows what.

 The complete nudity run-down is as follows:

  • B movie regular, Griffin Drew, robo-hooters on stage.
  • Griffin and Julie K Smith, which spells 2 sets of robo-hooters, in the dressing room.
  • Julie on stage, boobs and bum
  • Kimberly Kelly, beginning with dancing topless in the dark, followed by Kimberly partially dressed but doing the spread-the-legs routine, and showing off her first-rate bum in a thong. Then we see her terrific hooters, then more thong views. Finally...even more hooters.
  • Debra Beatty and Griffin Drew playing nice together on stage.
  • Julie K. Smith practicing the arts not only of clothing removal but also of currency retrieval. Clear, close-up shots of Julie's robohooters, then a great sequence showing off her bum.
  • Then we have the lovely Kimberly Kelley back again in two bouts of lap dancing for the same customer. First,  boobs only in a tame dance o' the lap, then bum and boob closeups in a more animated dance, as Kimberly's character become more experienced. Oh, and the guy on whose lap Kimberly is a-dancin'.. well, he wins her heart in the end. Right. You know this movie was written by a frequent customer of these places, probably Anna Nicole Smith's husband, before his heart and other vital organs stopped working.
  • Kim Kopf is on stage briefly but serves mainly as a red herring, to deflect suspicion from the real killer. Kim shows boobs and bum.
  • Then there is Tammy Parks, B movie veteran. First, she's breaking out of thin clothing restraints on stage and doing some currency retrieval of her own. Boobs and bum appear. Then, as a bonus, Tammy shows more boobs in the dressing-room.

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  • Full-screen format

  • Double Feature: Midnight Tease (1994, 76 min.) & Midnight Tease 2 (1995, 80 min.)

Midnight Tease 2 is a paean to clothing removal technology. It probably says a lot about the kind of movies I watch, but I would bet that other than lawyers, cops and doctors, strippers are the most frequently portrayed characters in movies. 'Specially since the days of direct-to-video.  

The ending credits say to look for the sequel, "Midnight Tease III: Full Frontal Fantasy", coming soon.

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