Millennium Crisis


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This is a Sci-Fi thriller set in the future and featuring Ted Raimi, the brother of the hugely successful director of the Spider-man films.

Clare Stevenson works for a job placement agency, but her real objective is to figure out which species she belongs to, because she is convinced she is not really Terran, despite the evidence of her official papers. The evil and mysterious Harkness comes around looking for a "Bloodmask" which, it turns out, is Clare's actual species and was also the title of the film before the distributors changed it.

Harkness has a rather simple plan. Since he is a future alien vampire, he needs a steady stream of beings to feed on. He intends to cause a war, and then eat well on the wounded and dazed and confused. The Bloodmasks apparently have the ability to completely imitate any other race, so Harkness will use the Bloodmask to imitate an ambassador, and murder another ambassador from another planet, thus starting a war. Clare is captured by one group after another, and deals with many different species as well as many different classes of androids.

While the production clearly suffered from both budgetary constraints and a hurried shooting schedule, it is still watchable, and some scenes look much better than you would expect given the budget level



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Sci-Fi fans will enjoy this, and there is enough in the way of nudity and interesting visuals for the rest of us.


  • Three women show breasts: Christa Kimlicko-Jones, Lindsey Roberts and Jennifer Gordon Thomas.


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Description from ALL MOVIE GUIDE

Ato Essandoh and Ted Raimi star in this deep-space sci-fi adventure about a malevolent race of aliens seeking to propagate their violent ways by sparking an intergalactic war. It's been eons since the dreaded Kluduthu race succeeded in starting the war that would help their race to thrive, and now the time has come to begin the vicious cycle once again. Though Kluduthu leader Harkness (Essandoh) gets things off to a promising start by propagating rumors that the Terrans have been attacking peaceful Andromedean citizens, in order to truly set his plan into motion he will need to transform a Bloodmask into a Kluduthu. The Bloodmasks are an ancient race of chameleon-like humanoids that could hold the key to universal peace, and when Harkness locates one lone Bloodmask named Aurora on the distant planet of Cassiopeia Prime, the plans for an intergalactic massacre slowly begin to form. Though Aurora remains blissfully unaware of her unique powers, she will soon learn just how important she is to the safety of the universe thanks to a little assistance from an eccentric scientist (Raimi) who possesses valuable knowledge about the history of her race. If Aurora can somehow manage to prevent the evil Harkness from using her as the ultimate biological weapon, there may still be hope that the power of peace can overcome the horror of war.



Writer/director Andrew Bellware does a full-length DVD commentary. Bellware  goes into great detail about lighting, budgeting continuity headaches, costume design, and every other aspect of making the film.

Widescreen (1.66)