Mission Manila (1987) from Tuna

Mission Manila (1987) is a low budget thriller shot in the Philippines. 

There are a lot of bad guys, and they have something to do with drugs, and also seem to have other crime interests. Then there is our hero, who flies back from the states to find and rescue his brother who is in deep with the bad guys. 

He meets his brother's fiancee on the plane, although neither realize it at the time. His brother's wife, Maria, is at the airport to meet him. He shoots, knifes, and otherwise maims a lot of people, the fiancee is shot in the head while under his protection, and other things go on that were far too muddled to follow. 


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  • no widescreen

  • no features

  • dark and blurry

Isabel Lopez, as a bar girl, shows her nipple in a flashback, and wears some sexy outfits. 

The DVD case says that our hero is ex CIA, and that he is fighting corrupt CIA agents. Might be true, but you couldn't prove it by anything that happens in the film. Nobody has seen or reviewed it, proving again that the public sometimes has more sense than I do. 

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