The Model Solution (2002) from Tuna

The Model Solution (2002 video) is a soft core with scarcely enough plot for a hard core film. Remove the nudity, and simulated sex, and you would probably have less than 10 minutes of footage remaining. Two modeling agencies are competing for a lucrative lingerie catalogue contract. The competitors are former partners and former lovers, and have been head to head frequently since their split. That is pretty much the plot.


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Eight women have sex, and show all three Bs, and most of them also show gyno shots. They are:

Sasha Rochelle - 5 credits under the name Sasha Peralto
Diana Espen - 4 credits at IMDB
Kimberlie Castaic - I credit at IMDB (not including this film)
Holly Hollywood - 5 credits including this one
Kim Laurel - No Credits
Katie Lohmann - 6 Credits at IMDB
Kitana Baker - 1 Credit at IMDB (not including this film)
Regina Russell - 18 credits at IMDB

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Most of these women have worked before for Writer/director/producer Edward Holzman, who has made 31 such films, the only one familiar to me is I like to Play Games Too. Four other women also show the 3 Bs in small parts as models. 

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Based on this description, as a mainstream film, this is a D, with no plot at all. Is is well photographed, and the sex scenes are in good light, do not use excessive lighting and camera effects, and are well choreographed. They include a shower nozzle masturbation scene and a girl-girl. If you are looking for lots of attractive naked people doing the nasty, this is a good bet, and so is probably a C as a soft-core sex film.

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