Motor Home Massacre (2006) from Tuna

This is a straight to video slasher movie in which seven friends make off with an aging motor home and head to the woods, where someone with night vision goggles is using a machete to play a Benihana Boogie on campers. Since there were only eight people in the cast and seven of them were the campers, I correctly guessed the killer to be the other one. The only dramatic tension was wondering who would be sliced and diced next. That game was so much fun, people kept coming back to life so they could be hacked up again. said, "I will say, in its defense, that it's slightly better than the home movies my friends and I used to make back in junior high. But that's the only thing in the entire universe that it's better than, except maybe getting hacked to pieces by a machete-wielding psycho. Maybe."

Agreed. It is not that I am against 80s-style slasher films, but this one needed to show at least seven more breasts, and should have had at least one swimming or shower scene to meet the minimum genre requirements. More important, it needed sympathetic characters to engage and sustain audience interest. Not one of the characters has any appeal. They are either obnoxious (a white gangsta and an alpha male asshole), or whiny wimps. Even the main premise, that these seven were friends, was hard to accept, because none of them seemed to like each other. Of course, that may have been an impression created by the universally poor acting.

The film also has technical negatives. Most of the photography is entirely too dark and grainy, and the sound is bad enough that a lot of the dialogue is hard to hear.

Now that I think about it, the fact that you can't see or hear the film is probably a positive rather than a negative.



  • Widescreen



Breasts from Diane Picallo and Nicole Crisp

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