My Mother Frank


by Tuna 

The titular Frank is a depressed 50-year-old widow trying to raise a son who is a university student. She helps the local nuns and takes care of her daughter's kids, but the frequent explosions of pineapple cans in her pantry are a strong clue that things could be better with her. Her son finally tells her to get her own life and stay out of his, so she decides to go back to the university to study poetry. Son Matthew is mortified, and feels that his mother's presence will prevent him from ever winning the girl of his dreams, Rose Byrne, away from his best friend who doesn't deserve her. This sets the stage, and I will leave the twists and turns of this delightful film for you to discover.

Male IMDb readers rate the film 6.8, but it receives a whopping 8.1 from women. While I am not surprised at the estrogen response to this film about a strong woman, it is not without something for the guys, with the subplot of a nice guy trying to win the girl from Mr. Macho. Performances from Sinéad Cusack, Rose Byrne, Sam Neill and Matthew Newton are all excellent. The characters jump off the screen.



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  • Rose Byrne shows the side of her right breast in a dream sequence.





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6.9 IMDB summary (of 10)


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