Naughty Stewardesses (1974) from Tuna

Naughty Stewardesses (1974) is a couples soft-core/titty flick, but not a typical one. In this case, the plot has little to do with their occupation, and does not directly concern their love and lust. The four stews live together. Connie Hoffman is the newest member of the crew, having just dropped out of college to become a stewardess. Donna Desmond, Syndey Jordan, and Tracy King round out the group. Mikel James appears in a gratuitous scene to up the tit count. Of the group, only King (The Kentucky Fried Movie / Tender Loving Care / Hospital of Terror) had much of a career. 

Hoffman meets an older man on a flight, and ends up at his Palm Springs home. She also meets a photographer/cab driver in San Francisco, and ends up posing for him. Let me try to get through the rest of this quickly. All of the girls meet the older man, and end up at least topless with him. The photographer comes to LA to see Hoffman again, and takes a job with King's boyfriend shooting porno. He hatches a plot to get even with Hoffman and the older man by kidnapping the girls, and holding them for ransom.


Nudity breakdown:

James: Breasts and buns in a gratuitous sex scene with the older man.
Hoffman: Breasts posing for the photographer, and again after being kidnapped
King: Breasts doing a strip dance at pool side.
Desmond: Breasts and buns in a scene involving the older man, and a basket
Jordan: Breasts peeking out of a shower, and buns doing it standing up on the plane with the co-pilot.

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The film was shot in Santa Monica, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Palm Springs, which indicates more than a zero budget.

This was not what I hoped when I put it on. I expected a light comedy with lots of sex, and ended up with an un-interesting plot, terrible acting from all of the men in the cast, and lots of late 60's, early 70's slang.

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Based on this description, this is a C-, and would be lower were it not for the amount of nudity.

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