The Next Step (1997) from Tuna

The Next Step (1997) is supposedly about the world of Broadway dancers, but, in reality, is about one dancer who is passing his prime, screwing everything that holds still long enough, and desperately trying to keep working as a dancer. 
Along the way, he cheats on his girlfriend, Kristin Moreu, enough times that she dumps him. We see a nipple slip in one scene, and a dark side breast view. Among the women he has sex with is someone (Pamela Berkeley) he picked up during his brief try as a waiter in a male strip club. She shows clear breasts after sex. He tries to charge her, and ends up grabbing money from her purse. This wouldn't be too bad, except that they want us to care for this character. 


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There are long dance sequences that are, at best, only interesting to dancers, and they hired dancers for this film, not actors, so there was no acting. 

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