The Night of the Sorcerers


by Tuna

The Night of the Sorcerers (1973), originally La Noche de los brujos, is a horror offering from Amando de Ossorio. The film declares its intentions from the opening frame. A white woman is captured in the jungle and tied standing up by the arms and ankles, then her clothing is removed via a bullwhip. Once she's naked, they place her on a sacrificial altar, and cut her head off. It rolls into a shelf of sorts, and then pops up alive, but with vampire fangs.

All that occurs before the opening credits.

No sooner has the woman lost her head, then her companions, great white hunters, arrive and shoot all of the native priestesses. Eventually, we learn that this particular form of sacrifice creates jaguar women, who are sort of vampire zombie priestesses.

Cut to the present day, and a group of researchers comes to the same part of the jungle to determine why there are no elephants in the area. Naturally, they choose to camp near the sacred ground where the zombies arise and sacrifice new victims. The research group therefore consists of two men and three future vampire zombie priestesses.

The opening scene certainly got all of my attention, and there was more of the same throughout the film. This film has long been available in many versions, most of them heavily cut. It is finally being released in an uncut and uncensored version. That makes it a long-lost cult item now found, which will cause some rejoicing, but only among a tiny audience. The genre is 70s Eurosleaze, and this certainly meets or exceeds all genre expectations.

Our Grade:

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Top-notch specialty material.


  • Breasts and buns from Barbara Rey, Loli Tovar and Kali Hansa.

  •  We also have breasts, National Geographic style, from the native women.



No major reviews. There has been a rumor that Pauline Kael's greatest regret in life was not reviewing this. Of course, I started that rumor.

Several specialty sites have reviewed it. They can be found through the IMDb link.



According to IMDb, this was finally released in Spain in 2000, 27 years after it was made, and grossed more than two million dollars.



4.1 IMDB summary (of 10)


The DVD offers a choice of Spanish with English subtitles, or badly dubbed English.

Full screen

No idea why it is a "special edition"