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Roger Corman made one of his most highly regarded films in 1957 called Not of this Earth. This is not that version, nor is it Corman's 1995 remake. Rather, it is a 3rd rate remake made to feature the notorious scandal girl, Traci Lords, freshly turned 18. 
Traci plays the nurse that is hired to give transfusions to the alien, and is seen drying off after showering (buns and breasts) by the houseboy, and is seen in bed with her cop boyfriend. She also wears the hell out of a little blue bikini in a pool scene.  


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The alien looks like one of the Blues brothers, and he is here collecting blood. He gets to work before the opening credits, draining Belinda Grant, who was necking with her boyfriend in the back of a car. He also does three hookers, two of which show breasts. They are Roxanne Kernohan, Ava Cadell and Cynthia Thompson, but I have no idea which is which. Finally Becky LeBeau, a birthday strip-o-gram, shows up at his door by mistake. 

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no widescreen, no features

The DVD was obviously mastered from a VHS version, as you could see the video overscan at the bottom.  It was alternately very dark and way too bright, and very grainy. 

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Based on this description, I will give it a C-. The amount of nudity takes this from pure horror to exploitation/titty flick, and it has lots of titties. 

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