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Cet obscur objet du désir (1977) is the last film by Luis Buñuel (some would say thank God), and is a 103 minute film about the world's greatest cock tease, and the old guy who puts up with everything she dishes out and comes back for more. I must caution you that it is politically correct to like this film, as Luis Buñuel is one of THE great directors. That being said, I was alternately bored and bewildered through most of it. There is a recurring theme of international terrorism, but I could never figure out why. Then there is the fact that Buñuel used two actresses to play the same role at the same age. Carole Bouquet played Conchita in France, and Ángela Molina played her in Spain.

The story opens with our hero, Fernando Ray, checking out of his room,  boarding a train, then pouring a bucket of cold water on a woman on the platform. For the rest of the film, he relates their story to the other people in his compartment, which include a judge, a woman with her daughter, and a midget Psychologist. I am nearly certain that there is a lot of symbolism in this film, or at least that my High School English teachers could have found some, but I understood nothing but the tale of  the old fool and the cock tease. 


Bouquet shows breasts in several long and well lit scenes, and Molina showed pretty much everything including full frontal in a famous nude Flaminco dance scene.
 If you have ever had lovers' nuts, you might relate to this film. 

In French with subtitles.

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  • video interview with the writer

  • part of a silent film from the same novel

 Scoop's comments:

Don't pay any attention to that little man behind the curtain. I am the mighty and powerful Buñuel.

Frankly, I don't understand one thing Buñuel has ever done. Ditto for Antonioni. I suppose they are too profound for me in their rejection of the middle-class values I am steeped in, such outdated values as cause-effect reasoning, logical thought, structure, cohesion,  narrative, and common sense.

But what he lacks in linear thought he more than makes up for in midgets.

I haven't seen this movie and, God willing, I never will, but I've seen enough Buñuel movies to know that Tuna made a good choice of adjectives when he picked "bewildered". Buñuel was almost 80 when he made this film, but you can't blame his age. His 1929 film makes far less sense. Fortunately, that one is only 16 minutes long.

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