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Or (2004) AKA My Treasure, AKA Mon trésor, is an Israeli/French "coming of age" story shot on location in Tel Aviv,. The central character, named Or, is a likeable and attractive 18 year old high school girl who works part time at night as a dishwasher. The real challenge in her life is her mother, who is a street hooker and every bit the run-down whore. Mom is not making good decisions, so Or is trying desperately to take care of her and get her off of the streets. The girl finds her mother a housecleaning job, and even tries locking her inside their apartment, but mom just keeps going back to hooking. Or finally makes a tragic decision when mom comes home hemorrhaging after a night on the streets, and the mother of Or's boyfriend suggests that Or is not worthy of dating her son.

While the storyline is certainly sensational, the film is in no way to be considered exploitation. Mother and daughter share some nice moments, and the story is told rather calmly, letting the plot speak for itself.

It is directed perfectly, getting the best out of the cast, and not getting in the way of the wonderful writing. Both Ronit Elkabetz (mom) and Dana Ivgy (Or) gave brilliant performances. These days, I have a low tolerance for tragedy. I have seen enough of that in real life, and generally go for films with happy endings. This was a big exception. I felt like I knew these women, and really cared what happened to them. Yes, it requires reading subtitles, and is totally character-driven, but it is acted and directed so expertly that none of that matters.



  • Widescreen



Dana Ivgy shows breasts in three scenes, including a long bath scene in good light, and buns near the end of the film.

Ronit Elkabitz shows breasts in two scenes.

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  • It premiered at Cannes, and won five awards, and a total of 10 awards world-wide, including best Israeli feature and best actress to Dana Ivgy. It received awards and nominations in acting, direction, screenwriting and cinematography

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Based on this description, it's a B-. Such a strong movie that it can even persuade people who approach it cynically.

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