Out of Reach (2004) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Out of Reach is the latest straight-to-vid from Steven Seagal, which is about all the description you really need, isn't it?

Actually, it isn't as bad as the 3.7 IMDB score would lead you to believe. In 2003, Seagal made two absolutely terrible movies directed by Michael Oblowitz (The Foreigner, Out for a Kill), and the IMDb scores indicate that this one is in that same territory. It is not. It is far better than those two abominations. It is more on the level of his last 2003 film, the mediocre Belly of the Beast, so if you're a Seagal fan and Belly was entertaining enough for you to sit through, this one will be as well.

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Seagal plays a retired secret agent (doesn't he always) who is corresponding with a brilliant Polish orphan girl. When he finds out that his pen-pal has been sold into white slavery, the Weighty Warrior is steamed, you betcha! If there's one thing those Poles still haven't learned about Western culture, it's that you should not tick Seagal off. When the Stout Sensai figures out the problem, he promptly gets on a plane with a bushel basket full of false ID's, and heads off to Eastern Europe to kick Poland's ass and rescue his young friend.

I'm kidding around, but the basic storyline really wasn't so bad. Seagal did OK in the action scenes for a 50ish, 300 pound man, and his acting was no better or worse than usual. Po-Chih Leong did a serviceable job as the director. The competent Polish/German actress Agnieszka Wagner played a Polish cop, and she brought some charm and talent to the part of the mismatched buddy cop (slash) love interest. Matt Schulze was a suitably menacing baddie, as his usual cruel, psychotic character.


Several hookers. played by Polish extras, are shown walking around a Polish bordello in thongs. This exposes about a half dozen Polish behinds.

If the story had stayed focused on that core story with that cast, it could have been a pretty decent little movie. Unfortunately, for some reason which completely baffles me, the script also included a totally useless sub-plot about the intelligence agency Seagal used to work for, whose honchos decided, in their infinite wisdom, that Seagal must either come back to work or be liquidated with extreme prejudice. Apparently it wasn't enough plot for Seagal merely to defeat the entire country of Poland, rescue an orphanage, and stop the white slave trade through Eastern Europe.

I guess it was just a matter of needing a suitable challenge for a man of Seagal's stature. If they hadn't come after him, he probably would have killed a few innocent CIA guys, just to get them into the fray.

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Based on this description, this is a C-. Not one of Seagal's better films, but his fans will find it watchable, and it might even have been an entertaining watch if it had developed the main story better instead of attempting to cover so much ground.

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