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Out of the Blue (1980) is a seriously bad film directed by, and featuring Dennis Hopper. The quality is very poor, as is frequently the case with these bargain discount films. As the film opens, Dennis Hopper is driving an 18 wheeler, and frisking with his young daughter, and runs over a stalled school bus full of kids. Cut to 5 years in the future. Hopper is in jail, and his wife, Sharon Farrell, is working in a diner and sleeping with the owner, and is also doing hard drugs with her husband's best friend, Don Gordon. Her daughter, CB, has become a problem kid, who worships Elvis and the punk music scene.  
When Hopper is released from prison, things get seriously strange until the end, when we return to a fairly normal, mainstream story line. Farrell shoots up, then Gordon and Farrell go into the living room to have sex, leaving Hopper in the kitchen. Farrell shows a breast in that scene. Then they all come up with a better idea. The three go up to rape CB as a public service to save her from becoming a dyke. They find CB dressed up to look like Elvis and discover that CB is not in love with their plans. So CB kills her father, takes her mother out to her father's crashed truck, and  blows herself and her mother up with a stick of dynamite. 


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 Now for the strange part. IMDB readers have it at 7.5/10, and Maltin gives 2 1/2 stars. Look  for Raymond Burr as a probation officer. Some who commented at IMDB claim it to be a masterpiece, shot on a shoestring budget, and tackling incest as a theme head on. They also compare it to Easy Rider.
  Personally, I was totally unimpressed. 

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