Over the Wire (1995)

(This review written by Tuna)

Over the Wire has to be one of the worst softcore films ever made.

The acting is missing, and the sex scenes are shown as a series of dissolves, which robs them of all energy and passion

And it has the worst plot logic error I have yet scene. A phone repairman (who is an ex-cop thrown off the force for some reason we never learn) is eavesdropping on phone conversations, and hears a woman hire a hit man to kill her sister. She gives the hit man the sisters address. Out telephone man tells his best friend, who is still on the force, but he refuses to get interested. He then goes to the address, only to find that both sisters live there. We now have a story of him and his detective friend trying to figure out which sister did the hiring. But think about this. The hit man has never seen the one who hired him. How is he going to know which to kill and which to collect from?

The evil sister is shot at the end, several times in the chest through a white blouse. Not only don't the bullet holes bleed or tear her blouse, but she was facing the pool, took the bullets in the chest, but fell forward into the pool! Then she spits out a whole mouthful of red liquid into the water.

Not only was the exposure done with constant dissolves, but it was oddly lit, and mostly out of focus. You can well afford to miss this one.

Landon Hall and Shauna O'Brien are the stars. It is not an especially explicit soft-core, but Shauna has some full frontals.

IMDB summary: 6.8 out of 10. Oh, sure. It's another Battleship Potemkin. That 6.8 is based on 21 votes, most of which were probably from the film crew. A more realistic rating is probably two out of ten. It's a softcore sex film which has a muddled script and poor acting, and which has poorly focused and poorly lit sex scenes. The girls are pretty, though.

DVD info from Amazon. Here's the info, but you don't want to buy this.

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