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Parfait amour! (1996) was written and directed by Catherine Breillat (Romance, Fat Girl), and is the story of an affair between a younger man, and an older woman. He is a business owner (we never learn anything about his business, or see him working). She is an Ophthalmologist, and has been married twice.


Francis Renaud and Isabelle Renauld are in bed for probably half of the running time, but she only briefly exposes her breasts during these scenes.

As the film opens, he is being arrested for first sodomizing her with a broom handle, then stabbing her to death with a butcher knife. As is always true when the ending is the first scene of the film, there is no tension or suspense of any kind, so the point of the film becomes to explain how and why this happened.

After 112 minutes mainly consisting of pretentious dialogue full of incomprehensible French thoughts and feelings, we learn that he did it because she pissed him off.  

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Based on this description, this film is a D. Talky. Sub-titled. No plot or pace. The camera work is nothing special, but Renauld did give a decent performance.

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