Passion's Desire (2000) from Tuna

Animal Attraction II, AKA Passion's Desire (1999) is a soft core without much nudity and even less sex. It does live up to the genre expectations in the acting and plot categories.

The story centers around a publishing agent. He is in a relationship with a woman who cheats, lives with his best friend since High School, who has convinced him that she is a lesbian so he would let her move in, and is trying to sign an ex girlfriend, who has written a best seller about the end of their relationship. All three want him.


  • The girl friend, Angela Monroe, shows breasts and buns.
  • The best friend, Amy Lindsay shows breasts in two bath scenes and a lovemaking scene at the end.
  • Lisa Comshaw as the author shows buns, and bras.
  • Ahmo Hight shows breasts and buns
The lighting is good, but they overdid the score and the camera effects, and there was more than the usual amount of motion blur.

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