The Perfect Son (2000) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Two IMDb reviewers summed it up perfectly:

"The Perfect Son is a story about two 30-something brothers, one who is seemingly "perfect" and another who is basically a screw-up, frequently landing himself in drug rehab centers. After the death of their father, the two are brought together after a long absence and the usual sibling rivalry resurfaces. It isn't until the "perfect" brother makes the startling revelation that he has AIDS that the irresponsible younger brother finally makes a move to get his own life in order, and take some responsibility."

"They enter on a heart warming journey of reconciliation. The two leads do a magnificent job of creating the gradual warmth and respect that builds up between them as the movie progresses."


Colm Feore shows his butt twice as the dying brother.

Chandra West shows her buns and breasts in a nearly-meaningless long distance sex scene that is so dark it can barely be seen to begin with, and is faded to black as soon as her breasts appear.

 It's exactly as good as it sounds.

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  • there are no major reviews available for this Canadian picture.

  • nominated for two Genie awards (Canada's academy award). The two men who star were each nominated, against each other, as "Best Actor". They both lost to Tony Nardi (My Father's Angel)


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