George Lucas admits The Phantom Menace sucked

considers apologizing for slavery, Return of the Jedi, as well


This from Yahoo

A confidential Lucasfilm marketing pitch about part two of the new Star Wars trilogy, obtained by Newsweek, promised that "Attack of the Clones'' will be an action-packed movie with ``no silly characters or kids.'' It also plainly states, in bold type: "The last movie did not live up to expectations.''   (click to read full story)

Scoopco Industries has learned the following additional details unknown to Newsweek:

Lucas is also planning to bring in Moulin Rouge director Baz Luhrmann to do some "really cool musical numbers" to take advantage of the fact that Obi-Wan Kenobi is a good singer and dancer. "We think you will love the dancing Ewok chorus", enthused Lucas, "because these are the best musical midgets since the Wizard of Oz".

Lucas's marketing director intoned, "You will love the dancing Ewok chorus. These are not the droids I am looking for".

After admitting that Phantom Menace sucked in oceanic quantities, Lucas is also expected to admit this week that the world is round and that Kevin Costner can't do a British accent.


get serious

Actually, here's what we really found out about Attack of the Clones:   - spoiler summary of the film - an actual draft of the script (unknown how close this is to the shooting script, but see below for Harry Knowles's overview on that subject)  - meanwhile, that Ain't it Cool guy has actually seen the film (not completely finished), and raves on and on and on about it in great detail. He also says, "basically that stolen script has the structure right, and sometimes the scenes are exact, but .....". Read his notes for details.

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