Pirates of the Caribbean (2003) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Ahoy, buckle yer swashes, shi'er yer timbers, hoist yer mainsails, polish yer peg-leg, and swab yer poop deck. Drag yer parrot out o' that cage, put it on yer shoulder and head off t' yer local multiplex t' see this, if you ha'en't already. It is a great pirate story t' challenge the best o' Errol Flynn,'s made greater than the film o' 60 years ago by the technical expertise that makes this a wonder t' behold. It is also a great parody o' pirate stories, generally funny and often ironic, although some o' its jokes be less ob'ious than you might think from a Disney film. Johnny Depp has always been just about the greatest character actor o' his generation, but he's ne'er mightily been a breakthrough star. That has changed, and he's goin' t' need a lot o' new tax shelters, because the world has found out what many o' us already knew, that Mr Depp can deli'er whate'er is necessary t' make a role work. Aye.

"You must be the worst pirate I've ever heard of", says a landlubber.

"Ah, but you have heard of me", says Cap'n Depp.

Aye, for his role, Depp dug way int' the history o' cinema, me hearties. Twenty years ago, thar was an excellent small mo'ie called My Fa'orite Year, about a faded alcoholic mo'ie star, a former swashbuckler, who is scheduled t' appear on a Sid Caesar-like TV show in the early days o' tele'ision. See that mo'ie, if you ha'en't already, because tis' one o' the best films nobody e'er heard of, e'en though it does feature that scurvy landlubber Cousin Larry from Perfect Strangers. Peter O'Toole played the swashbuckler part, and he was ob'iously supposed t' be a lot like Errol Flynn. When O'Toole "did" Flynn, he came up with body mo'ement that let him affect the graceful athletic swagger and the clumsy alcoholism all in one fell swoop, a masterpiece o' bizarre mannerisms that only Peter O'Toole could get away with.

Arrr, well, only O'Toole up until now, that be. For Depp decided t' gi'e new life t' O'Toole's Flynn impersonation by leyering in a heavy dose of Keith Richards. Ye see, me buccos, Johnny Depp played Keith Richards as Keith would have played Peter O'Toole playin' Errol Flynn. Watch My Fa'orite Year and then Pirates o' the Caribbean, and thar will be no question in yer mind that Depp drew upon a second generation impersonation o' Errol Flynn, the bucklin'est seafarin'est swasher o' them all, t' create what might be the greatest and strangest corsair in film history.


none. Keira Knightley does appear in low-cut gowns and with much more protruding nipplage than should be in a Disney flick.

not yet on home media

Aye, only Deppian eccentricity would try such a thin' in the first place, and only Deppian talent could pull it off. Depp's mannerisms be so bizarre that the other characters in the film e'en impersonate him, thus expandin' the Errol Flynn mimicry yet another generation.

Very entertainin' mo'ie, although me did wish it shorter than its 143 minute runnin' ti

Gar, Where can I find a bottle o'rum?

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  • Panel consensus: three stars. Ebert 3/4, Berardinelli 3/4, BBC 4/5, Entertainment Weekly (Schwarzbaum) C.

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  • IMDB summary. IMDb voters score it 7.9/10, Yahoo voters A
  • Box Office Mojo. A monster! May end up as the biggest non-sequel since Titanic. A smash that is still going strong  - still in the American Top 5, ten weeks after it came out. Has now grossed more than $500 million worldwide, and just about $300 million in the USA alone. Tremendous legs. tremendous word of mouth after a so-so open. Most films finish with about 3x their opening weekend. Pirates is now at 7x and rising.


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Based on this description, this is a B. Marvelous yarn. Just about anyone of any age can enjoy it. Only thing wrong with it is that it's about 30 minutes too long (143 min.)

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