Point Doom (1999) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

A little quiz to see if you are savvy about Grade B films. In this film we have a few renegade California bikers who rip off their brother bikers. Stuff happens, they kill each other, the waves wash up their jackets on the beach. The end.

Now the quiz.

About half of the action in the film takes place in a club which employs many highly-trained Clothing Removal Engineers and Lap Entertainment Consultants. This club is run by

  1. Harrison Ford

  2. Sir Derek Jacobi

  3. Denzel Washington

  4. Andrew Dice Clay

When the good girl and her sister and their Talent Agent boyfriend get mixed up in the nefarious killing and drug dealing, they talk about setting up a meeting with the bikers on a deserted stretch of beach at three A.M.. The good girl says to the others:

  1. Dress warm. I wish I could join you.

  2. Why would we do anything that stupid?

  3. We're out of our league here, let's call the police.

  4. No, no cops. We have to do this alone.

The bikers all wear pressed clothing and have perfect teeth because:

  1. It's California.

  2. Hillary Clinton's universal dental care program.

  3. They married well.

  4. It's a bad movie.

In addition to the Diceman. Angie Everhart joined the fun, along with Richard Grieco, Jennifer O'Dell, and more of the usual suspects.

O'Dell was seen very briefly topless, in motion blur as she got out of bed. Miss Everhart remained clothed, and appeared pretty much to be in the appropriate attire to visit a devout Islamic country, minus the veil.

The rest of the nudity came from trained Clothing Removal Professionals (and remember, they are professionals, so don't try this at home) who were not named in the script.

IMDB summary: (still awaiting five votes)

Sorry, no DVD available for purchase. No tape either. It's another one of those films which are available only for rental and only at Blockbuster. Blockbuster carries it in DVD and video.

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