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Tuna's comments in white: 

Poison (2000) is a direct to VID that IMDB has decided to call "Thy Neighbors Wife." I think the way this happens is that someone hears a working title for a film, and rushes to IMDB to enter the data for the thrill of being first. The film is later made with a real title, but IMDB never changes the listing once it is there. At any rate, it is a damned good soft core. Like many soft core films, it is a thriller, but it is actually not a bad thriller in this case.

As the film opens, Kari Wuhrer sleeps with a prospective client so her husband can sign a development deal. They both expect that he will make VP over the contract, but he is fired, and replaced by Barbara Crampton.  Distraught, the husband commits suicide. 

Revenge time.

First, she gets the owner and his family with the old turn on the gas and break a light bulb trick (when they turn on the light, the exposed filament ignites the gas), then she goes after Crampton, her husband, the 18 year old daughter (Melissa Stone) and the 20 year old son.

There is plenty of exposure and simulated sex, but not of the boring variety. The story holds together for the most part, and the acting is superb for this genre.

If you see it, be sure to read the single commentary at IMDB, it is a real hoot. I am very pleased to see this trend towards soft core with a good story. 


We have breast and bun exposure from Wuhrer, Crampton, Stone and Peggy Trentini as a housekeeper. 

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Scoop's comments in yellow: 

Agree. As erotic thrillers go, it isn't body heat, but it is Poison Ivy with more flesh.

It has a good final twist, but they messed up the ending. Kari disappears, kind of drives off into the sunset while the radio announces that the husband has been arrested, the screenwriter having forgotten that the son is still around to clarify the story!

It looks like a scene is missing where Kari's next stop would be the college to bump off the son ....

Anyway, Tuna got the summary right. Watchable story. Quite a bit of flesh. Surprisingly good.

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