Poison Ivy: The Secret Society


by Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Let's get the obvious matters out of the way first. Although I have seen this film referred to as Poison Ivy 4, it has absolutely nothing to do with the first three Poison Ivy movies. It is not really even vaguely similar to them. It's about a secret powerful sorority of rich college girls, the distaff equivalent of Skull and Bones. The reason that the film is called Poison Ivy is that the secret sorority is called the Ivies, and I suppose they are poisonous. I can't figure out why the distributors chose to give it such a misleading title, except maybe to sell a few extra DVDs to the aficionados of the Poison Ivy series. Using that title is so inappropriate that I can't even figure out how they got permission to use the name. 

What should the film be called? Well, if the creators had to rip off an established franchise, the logical title for this film would have been The Skulls 3. In fact, the plot of this film is quite similar to that of the two Skulls movies, except that it deals with a sorority instead of a fraternity:

A poor girl gets unexpectedly recruited into the powerful secret sorority of rich chicks, and all of her financial woes disappear, but she finds that there is a heavy price to pay. In return, the society expects her to do and to cover up things of a questionable nature. Blah, blah ...

Oh, well, the plot and the title aren't really all that important, because this is basically a softcore sex film, and it's technically sound, so the only important questions are, "Is it interesting?" and "Is it hot?"

For the most part, the answer to the latter question is "No!" The sex scenes are tepid, breasts only, and two of the four naked women are virtually unknown.  For that matter, the other answer is also "no" if the question is meant to evaluate the plot and characterization, which are strictly by the numbers.

However, there are some interesting things to report on the nudity front. You may well be aware of the two lead actresses, and you may well be pleased to see them do their first nude scenes!

One of them is the cute blonde Canadian Miriam McDonald, who looks like Anna Kournikova, and was a star of "DeGrassi: the Next Generation" for many years, starting when she was 14. She's all grown up now, 21, although she looks younger and is playing a college freshman.  If you've lusted after Miriam for years, you're going to be very happy with some of the action!

Shawna Waldron is not so bad either. Remember Little Giants? She was "Icebox" in that film, back when she was 11 or 12. She's all grown up now. One of the more interesting things to see in this film is that her second sex scene is with Greg Evigan. That's right, it's BJ from BJ and the Bear. Geez, that was 30 years ago! He's 55 now, but looks much younger, and keeps his clothes on anyway. Unfortunately for his character, Shawna plays the evil chick, so ol' BJ's fate is not a happy one.


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There is plenty. This is essentially an erotic thriller. The nudity is the film's only merit, and is covered in more depth in the main commentary.

  • Miriam McDonald: breasts and bum in a sex scene, and then in the sorority initiation rites.
  • Shawna Waldron: breasts in two different sex scenes
  • Bridie Lunde and Michaela Mann: breasts and maybe buns in the initiation rites. (There are bare butts in that scene, but I don't know who they belong to.)

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Worthwhile only if you want to see Miriam McDonald and Shawna Waldron undressed.