The Pom Pom Girls


by Tuna


The kids we follow are part of the football team and the cheerleading squad. They battle each other, a rival school, the football coach, the math teacher, and any other suitable target for their teen angst.

While not the best example of the rather crowded genre of raunchy teen comedies, The Pom Pom Girls was a pioneer. It came two years before Animal House and  six years before Porky's. It featured Robert Carradine some eight years before he became the head nerd in Revenge of the Nerds. Much of the film is familiar teensploitation fare: food fights, old tunes, older cars, and a James Dean style suicide/chicken scene, but there is one original bit where our heroes steal a fire truck and attack the opposing team with the fire hoses. There is also plenty of flesh from attractive, silicone-free women. Jennifer Ashley, Lisa Reeves, Cheryl "Rainbeaux" Smith, Susan Player and Diane Lee Hart show breasts and buns in a locker room scene, and Susan Player shows breasts having sex in the back of a van twice. .

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The combination of pretty girls and the occasional lowbrow laugh should be enough to meet your minimum daily requirements for genre entertainment.


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1.5 TV Guide (of 4 stars)


Unknown. It was released in some theaters and many drive-ins



4.8 IMDB summary (of 10)



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Same DVD also includes The Van.