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Protector (1998), according to IMDB, is made for TV, and called Valentine's Day. It is full of nudity, and boasts a pretty impressive cast including Rae Dawn Chong, Mario van Peebles, Randy Quaid, Ben Gazarra, and a lovely and talented Zehra Leverman, who I was not familiar with, but has several credits at IMDB. IMDB calls it an Action/Drama/Romance/Thriller. It is actually a Mafia vs good cop/bad cop story, and a fairly good one, but has more than enough nudity and simulated sex to fall into the soft core genre. 


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We have two anonymous models showing breasts, Rae Dawn with clear and well lit breast exposure, and Zehre showing pretty much everything over and over. Van Peebles is the good cop, trying to get a high ranking mafia boss to turn states evidence. Without giving the plot away, he trusts some of the wrong people. Rae Dawn is his ex wife and district attorney, and Randy Quaid is his partner.  

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Based on this description, this film is a C+. A top notch soft-core sex film that is watchable without the sex.

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