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Purple Rain (1984) was requested by a longtime reader. 
I saw this film when it was first released on VHS, and was not overly impressed. I appreciated it much more this time. It is essentially a 111 minute rock video featuring Prince, with Apollonia Kotero as his love interest. 


Apollonia shows her breasts in a skinny-dipping scene, and shows major cleavage and legs that go all the way up in many of her costumes

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  • no widescreen

  • no meaningful features

  • The DVD  transfer is a little weak, but it is definitely colorful

While the film never strays far from the rock video format, it does manage to tell a coherent story. Apollonia comes to town to break into the music business. Prince is a talented guy whose career is being held back by personal problems and ego. They immediately fall for each other, but it is nearly not enough. Prince seems doomed to repeat all of his father's mistakes, including blowing a music career, and being abusive to his mate. When his father puts a gun to his head, Prince figures out that another path might be better.

The film won an Oscar for Best Original score. Indeed, if this is your music, you will like this film. Even if it isn't, it is not without merit, and was quite daring for 1984.  

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