Rats: Night of Terror (1983) from Tuna

Ratti: notte di terrore, or Rats Night of Terror, has strong plusses and minuses.


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The intro is a narrative about the nuclear holocaust, and the fact that those who survived lived underground, then a group split off and decided to live on the surface. We are told that the underground people have little respect for the above ground people. That intro puts us in a bombed out town with a gang of bikers. It is not until the end of the film that we get a payoff to the opening. Basically, the bikers feel like the town is infested with rats, and the rats think bikers look a whole lot like dinner.

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  • Hell Rats of the Living Dead an all new interview with director Bruno Mattei

Moune Duvivier gets naked in a sex scene (that is a plus right there), and is killed in a very effective way. She zips herself into a sleeping bag after sex. A rat sneaks in. Cut to her friends finding her. They partially unzip the sleeping bag, and see no marks. Then, a rat crawls out of her mouth.

Minuses mainly had to do with slow pace, broad overacting, and awful dubbing into English. The transfer was not bad for the age of the film. It scores only 2.9 of 10 at IMDB, but I think it had moments. Not many, but some.

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