Angel Guts: Red Vertigo(1988) from Tuna

1988's Angel Guts: Red Vertigo is one of the the last of the Roman Porno films made by the Nikkatsu Corporation. It is the fifth and last in the series of Angel Guts films based on a popular Manga series, the history of which is covered in my review of Red Porno. For this one, which was made long after the other four (1979-1981),  the studio actually hired Takashi Ishii, the original creator of the Manga efforts as well as the author of four of the five screenplays, to direct his own story. Ishii wanted to be a director so desperately that he was essentially willing to do it for free and to endure any necessary hardships. He later said, "The budget I had was even less than the average Roman Porno film. I recall I completed the film within 5 days without sleeping properly at night."

The story goes like this:

Muraki is having a rather hard day. He's a stockbroker who has embezzled a great deal of money from investors and lost it all. His clients are ready to lynch him, and the police are looking for him. You think that's a bad day? Poor Nami works as a nurse, and is assaulted by two patients at work who want to rape her, failing only because of premature ejaculation. Running home early for comfort, she finds her photographer boyfriend screwing his current model. (Saeko Kizuki). Too much tribulation for one day, you think? Unfortunately for her, her troubles are only beginning. She rushes out of her house, and is promptly hit by a passing vehicle driven by Muraki-san, who assumes she is dead and throws her into his car. At first he plans to rape her lifeless body. She regains consciousness and, after some distractions and an attempted escape, he catches her and plans to rape her again, but he can't get it up. Nami finally gets angry, but Muraki tells her a sob story, she bonds with him, and she gets over her anger in time to have several hot sex scenes with him before the denouement.

Some critics have trouble believing that Nami would eventually become intimate with her kidnapper, especially after a rape attempt and the other abuse she had suffered that day. Others chalk it up to Stockholm Syndrome. I save myself a lot of worry by not expecting porn to have credible motivations.



  • Available Subtitles: English
  • Available Audio Tracks: Japanese 
  • High School Co-ed, Red Classroom, Nami, Red Porno, Red Vertigo
  • Seven exclusive director's interviews
  • Five feature-length commentaries
  • Original sleeve art
  • Original trailers
  • Bios/filmographies


  • Saeko Kizuki, as the model, shows breasts.

  • Mayako Katsuragi, as Nami, shows breasts and buns in several scenes.

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Based on this description, this film is a C. Comments indicate that some find this the best of the series, others find it the worst. Either way, it is a solid contribution to the genre of Roman Porno, making it a C on our scale. It will certainly not be for everyone. In fact it will not be for very many people at all, given the recurring rape theme.

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