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Resurrection of Eve (1973) is a Mitchell Brothers production from the Golden Era of porn, and features the 99 and 44/100% pure Marilyn Chambers.  (Scoop's note: for you younger guys, Ivory Snow was one of the most successful major consumer products in the United States in the late 19th century. Their legendary slogan was "99 44/100% pure. It floats."  The product and the slogan endured. At one time in the 1960's, Marilyn was the girl on the Ivory Snow box. Her subsequent career was somewhat more impure.)
As the film starts, we see Eve at 13, nearly seduced by a friend of her dead father. Then Eve is shacking up with a radio DJ. After a fight over his jealousy, she leaves, and puts her face through a windshield in an auto accident. The plastic surgeon does an incredible job, and she is far more lovely than before, so the DJ marries her. After several months of happiness, he decides they should attend swinger parties. She is against it, but gives in, and spends the first one hiding in the bathroom. At the second one, she participates, but doesn't enjoy it. After a while, she gets into the spirit. The more she enjoys it, the more hubby wants to stop.


The young Eve is played by Nancy Weich, who shows a gynocam shot. Pre accident Eve is Mimi Morgan, who shows all three Bs, and the new improved Eve is played by Chambers, who also shows everything. The credits list dozens of swing party attendees, and many of them show body parts at the swing parties. Johnny Keyes from Behind the Green Door plays a boxer that Eve ends up having sex with at the party.

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Based on this description, this film is a C+ as a hardcore classic. Even if the film were otherwise unwatchable, it would be worth it to see Chambers at her best in good light. Mitchell Brothers films were aimed at a couples market, even though they were hardcore, making this a good date film if your date is open minded.

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