Return of the Ultra Vixens (2000) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Talk about your bonehead maneuvers. I picked up "Return of the Ultra Vixens", thinking it would be one of those campy romps ala Russ Meyer, filled with giant breasts and a minimal plot. Wrong. It's actually a forgotten Katharine Hepburn movie.

Or not.

Actually, it's a nudie-cutie, or whatever they call those things, where the women just hang around naked and do womanly, large-breasted things, like trampolining and sitting in the hot tub and walking along a highway naked. 


Everyone is naked. It's a nudie video.
So it was pretty much like a Katharine Hepburn movie, now that I think about it. 

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Although this movie is exactly what it is supposed to be, and isn't bad by that definition, that's not my kind of entertainment. My picking this up now ranks as one of the three stupidest decisions in human history, right after Napoleon's invasion of Russia, and William Shatner's decision to pursue a singing career. But since I got it, here are the bims:

  • Lulu Devine
  • Pandora Peaks
  • Candy
  • Kim Eternity
  • Alexis Love
  • Fantasia

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Based on this description,  I will score this a C+, but be advised that the genre is very narrow - nudies films featuring jumbo-breasted models. If you want anything else at all, this ain't it.

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