Scandal: On The Other Side (1999) from Tuna

This soft core is mostly:

1) Two or three lines of unimportant dialogue.
2) A kiss.
3) Start loud music.
4) 10 minutes of simulated sex.

There are some plusses. There are a total of seven women who show nearly everything in good light. On the other hand, the transfer is grainy. It is purportedly about a host of a sleazy video tabloid which exposes scandalous behavior of sit-com stars, complete with film of their indiscretions. There are far too many images for one night, so tonight we have the first two women, Nancy O'Neil and Amber Newman. The two appear together on a buddy show, where Nancy is a virgin, and has developed a national following of girls who are closing their legs. This chases most of the sponsors, who sell using sex, away. There is only one thing for it -- get Nancy laid.


Lots! See the main commentary.
 Rachel Tiberman and Griffin Drew Are daughter and mother on a sitcom. When word gets out that Tiberman had sex with her screen daddy, the world is outraged. Then, come to find out, he also had drew, and Drew had Tiberman. After exposing all of this on "On the Other Side," the host is fired, but seduces producer Michelle Hall to get some photos from her for blackmail. The photos are of a director who is casting a movie part, and his girlfriend. He doesn't want his wife, Samantha Philips, to know, so gives him the part playing opposite Philips, and Philips seduces him using rehearsal as a pretext to get him into her trailer.
This film has seven women who show all three Bs in decent light, two water scenes (shower and pool), girl-girl, and mild fetish. That covers all of the important bases for a soft-core, so it is definitely adequate for that genre.. The acting was ok, and a real plot might have given it some cross-over appeal, although it had the sort of sex scenes that seem to go on forever. To their credit, they didn't go overboard on camera and lighting effects 

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Based on this description, this film is a C, genre: softcore.

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