Scandalous Sex


by Tuna

Scandalous Sex is a "couples erotica" offering that takes place at a college. Rich and popular Beverly Lynne is president of a sorority and wants to buy a new house. She is using all of her charms to keep the real estate agent from selling to someone else while she waits for approval from the national office. Meanwhile, Jessica Drake shows up as a transfer student, and wants the house herself. We soon find out why. Her late father owned the place before he was framed for a rape, had his scientific research ripped off, and later committed suicide. A night in shining armor arrives in the form of perennial student Brad Bartram who knows how to work the system, and is enamored of Jessica Drake. The villain in all of this is the head of the science department, who had been a grad student under Drake's father, and who took credit for all of his work. He is a world class asshole.

Based on genre standards, this is a solid effort. Beverly Lynne is adorable here, and Brad Bartram can act as well. Most important, the photography shows the body parts and actions rather than obscuring them.  The film falls short of a genre classic because the sex is a little tepid, and the story is in equal parts far-fetched and predictable.


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  • Summer Fields, as the raped student, briefly shows her breasts.
  • Jessica Drake, Beverly Lynne, Felicia Fox and Julia Kruis all show everything.




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 Scandalous Sex


This is only available in the US through on a dual region (1 and 4) English language DVD.