Scandal: Passion and Romance (2000) from Tuna

Scandal - Passion and Romance (1997) is a very soft soft-core that IMDB has not as yet discovered. 
Based on the fact that Amazon is taking orders on other Passion and Romance titles, I would guess it to be a made for cable, and part of a series, except that an Irish company co-produced.  


Nudity is the reason the film exists. See the main body of commentary.
The inconsequential plot involves a governors race in Georgia. The incumbent expects an easy victory. His daughter (Gabriella Hall) announces her engagement to a press photographer. Then in comes a couple of scam artists. He seduces the governors daughter, and bilks her out of a huge cash donation, supposedly for charity. His wife, Kira Lee, is even busier. She seduces and photographs the fiancee, then blackmails him, seduces someone with a bad French accent in the beginning of the film just to steal his wallet, gets a hooker (Tracie May) to seduce the Governor so she can tape and blackmail him, and uses the single worst fake accent I have ever heard, It is about half Cockney and have Faux Southern.
All three women show breasts and buns in numerous sex scenes, some fairly steamy, and Kira shows pubic hair near the end. The plot barely provides a bridge between sex scenes, and the acting was -pretty much absent. There was a lot of exposure, although no genitalia. I will give it a C-. 

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Based on this description, as a soft core, this film is a C-.

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